Apparently, common sense, is not so common.

I’ve just received a news about — probably, one of the most noisiest campaigns for this year and the previous years — Yes, the RH Bill. According to my sources, the government (or is it the church? My source said it was the government but I feel it’s the church) filed some amendments for the RH Bill and they are as follows:

1. Sexual Orientation (This means, RH Bill is not to be provided for LGBTs)

2. The RH Bill is not to be implemented in Catholic Hospitals and Clinics.

3. For the budget, prioritizing the natural family method vs. the artificial family method.

4. Sex Education is to be taught in 13-15 years old youths.

I’m not a mind reader but I can probably guess what you’re thinking. Its either, “That’s the most stupid thing I have ever heard,” or “That’s wonderful, let’s support that!” If I’m correct about the first one, then we’re thinking alike! But if it’s the latter, sorry, I really don’t get your train of thought.

Well, I have my reasons, of course. I can’t just disapprove of something because I just want to disapprove on something. I have my reasons and this is a summary of it.

Reasons stated…

  • I don’t like the first amendment because, that goes against my belief for gender equality. Actually, if you are a man or a woman of sense, you would realize that this amendment doesn’t make sense. Think about it, don’t lesbians get pregnant too? Have they never been subjected to rape or other forms of sexual assaults? Same goes for the Gays, Trans-genders and Bi-sexuals.
  • I don’t agree with the second amendment because it’s just plain stupid. 80% of the Filipinos are comprised by Catholics, so most people who would benefit from the RH Bill are the Catholics. So, why are Catholic institutions, who are supposed to be helping their people, have thought of such an amendment (I still believe that this amendments are instigated by the church.) aren’t they supposed to be the ones who would help every victim and prioritize their cases if deemed necessary? And here I am, thinking that the church is for the people (I am officially close to giving up the thought about the government and the church being FOR THE PEOPLE.)
  • I don’t like the third amendment because it’s not fair. What else do you need for the promotion of natural method other than pamphlets and information drives? While in artificial method campaigns, you will need pamphlets, condoms, pills and lots of other things. Seriously, it makes me think that they are just thinking of ways to divert the funds to their pockets.
  • Last but certainly not the least, (Finally, because I don’t think I can bare with the nonsensicality of their words any longer) I am against the fourth amendment because I find it rather late. When I was between the ages of 13 to 15, most of my friends (school mates, classmates and batch mates) are already sexually active (boys and girls). Although we have a class that teaches family planning and all that jazz, no one listens to that lesson because we are already thinking of ways on how to get out of that class. (They say, when kids started going to high school, they grow horns… somehow, I believe that.)

Ages 6-9, that’s too young, probably ages 10-12 is the best age on when to teach your kids and/or the youth today about sex or other things you want to teach them. The girls have just started menstruating during that period, which means they can already get pregnant and the guys are already so much exposed — let me repeat the term, so much exposed, to the do’s and let’s just keep this between ourselves scenes. During that time, we have lots of questions, that’s why, it’s the perfect time for you guys to teach us!

Those are all my reasons. I have stated them just to satisfy myself, sadly. Because, the grown-up promoters of that bill, I think, have made up their minds to support the bill nonetheless, with the amendments. Because, as they say, this issue has been discussed far too long (9 years?) and they said, it’s better than having nothing.

Once again, we are going to settle. The grown-ups are discussing about what is going to be our life and our future and they’re settling for this matter. I don’t get it, I don’t understand yet, I’m sorry, but any ways, whatever I say is of no account. Because, when the grown-ups gave their word, that’s the final. Grown-ups seldom listen to children, and that’s when their decisions — although not all the time, fails.

To be fair, I found this blog post extremely funny! (maybe because, I’m pro-RH Bill or maybe I just want to mess with him… you decide.)

Check out the blog right here by Dustin Celestino. This is where I copied most of the photos and to whom, I dedicate my past, present and future blog posts about the RH Bill to.

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