It’s in all news. The number of Dengue Cases here in the Philippines is getting more and more alarming again. This deadly disease that has taken lives of our beloved in the Philippines is caused by a mosquito called the Aedes Aegypti.

Aedes aegypti is a vector for transmitting several tropical fevers. Only the female bites for blood which she needs to mature her eggs. Understanding how the mosquito detects its host is a crucial step in the spread of the disease. Aedes aegypti are attracted to chemical compounds that are emitted by mammals. These compounds include ammoniacarbon dioxidelactic acid, and octenol. Scientists at the Agricultural Research Service have studied the specific chemical structure of octenol in order to better understand why this chemical attracts the mosquito to its host. They found that the mosquito has a preference for “right-handed” (dextrorotatory) octenol molecules. (For more information about the mosquito click here)

As I listen to the radio announcers, the news anchors and as I read the morning newspaper, I can’t help but empathize with the families who have lost their loved ones in this horrible, terrifying, back-stabbing disease (back-stabber, because most victims only realize that they have the disease when it’s already in a later stage).

This horrible disease doesn’t choose it’s victim, it could be anyone. Whether you’re the richest man or woman or the poorest, it doesn’t matter. ANYONE CAN BE A VICTIM (as the last HP movie tagline said, “Nowhere is safe.”) Even my family has been threatened by this disease. Luckily, most of them survived, but, I lost a cousin once in this disease (and what made it worse is the fact that she had a whole life ahead of her, she was an only child, she was young. Sometimes, I wish she lived longer.) I was too young then, too young to even know the difference of the words “goodbye” and “see you” when my cousin died.

Experts said that the mosquito causing dengue or yellow fever is more commonly found in tropical places like the Philippines, and also because it’s the rainy season, there’s lots of places to where they can lay their eggs. (For more information about Dengue, click here)

Aedes Aegypty Mosquito can be distinguished by white stripes.

The Department of Health here in the Philippines are… as what the other Government Department’s are saying… doing their best to prevent this disease from causing any more unnecessary deaths. They give out flyers that tells you where you can find the mosquitoes, how to prevent them from multiplying and so on… they also show their faces on the television sometimes to give the people updates of statistic based cases of dengue in the Philippines (where they always say that the cases reported for dengue has come down by a few percentage than the past few years, somehow, when I pass through hospitals, I can’t quite believe it.)

According to them, a group of scientist are already preparing a vaccine for this disease. Within two years, it’ll be ready for the public. TWO YEARS, that’s not too long, just a hundred thousand more people will be affected by this disease by then (Maybe this is the answer to the worsening population growth — I hope not).


1. emptying containers of water or by adding insecticides or biological control agents to these areas, although spraying with organophosphate or pyrethroid insecticides is not thought to be effective.

2.Reducing open collections of water through environmental modification is the preferred method of control, given the concerns of negative health effect from insecticides and greater logistical difficulties with control agents.

3.People can prevent mosquito bites by wearing clothing that fully covers the skin, using mosquito netting while resting, and/or the application of insect repellent (DEET being the most effective).

“We have succeeded in bringing down the cases of dengue and but we must avoid complacency. Instead, our gains should encourage us to keep up the good work in combating Dengue.” said Ona as he called on the local governments, community leaders, and the public in general to maintain its efforts against Dengue. “As the rainy season continues, we need to continue organizing clean-up campaigns in communities to destroy every possible dengue breeding site.” added the health chief.

–I don’t know if it’s just me or is our government really is being complacent about this matter. The Palace said that they believe the Department of Health is doing the best they can, of course they should. I don’t know, I think I’ll feel a lot better if I see them come down to their thrones and donate blood… I think a lot of people would need it, although not everyone might like it. And because I’m not sure as to what to believe in, I decided to end this blog post with a poll.

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  1. WoW, This is really a great topic & I honestly appreciate with you. I wish, you will describe about it more in your next posting and I am really waiting for that!! Thanks = 29 times! 🙂

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