It’s [inaudible]’s fault!

Have you ever accidentally flipped your channel to the news channel and just when you’re about to change the channel again you heard something interesting? Something that made you forget to change the channel again?

It was about the government or religious groups, for example. You waited for that news… and waited… and waited… until the news anchors finished delivering their closing spiels.

I know! What the hell, right? It makes you want to shout to the television, “Where’s the freaking news?” You can hate and rant on your television about it for hours, days or weeks even but, the television, like it always does, will not give you the answers.

There are lots of possibilities why that news didn’t air. It could be that the news team was irresponsible in their duty, lost track of time and chose to delete that news to make up for lost time, they forgot to air the news or (which is what I always believe in…) the news was intercepted on purpose by higher officials to not be viewed by the public.

Now that just [inaudible].

We people have the right to know what’s happening in our country, in our community. Our elected officials and all group leaders should always remain transparent. We voted them to be our servants, at the same time, we voted them to be our leaders and they shouldn’t forget that.

Those officials keep shoving money in their faces in order to keep them quiet, to not speak what needs to be spoken, what needs to be known. Those official’s who bribe, threaten or even go as far as killing people and hiding their bodies in order to keep their mouths shut and for the rest of the people to be ignorant of the truth should be excommunicated.

I can remember when I was still young and my mom keeps telling me that it doesn’t matter to her what I’ve done since it has passed, she just needs the truth from me, for her to know how to handle the matter and correct the situation. And, my father, I think, once told me that it doesn’t matter to them if I say things that would hurt peoples lives, as long as I have a strong reason to do so (e.g. if it benefits the majority/ the victims) and if it’s the truth (slandering lives and falsifying facts just for the sake of revenge and your own dreams is wrong! TOTALLY WRONG!). You see how important the truth is?

I guess it’s just like that. Now I know why the Philippines is one of the poorest country in the world, most of our leaders, are liars. There are a lot of people who’d do anything to get out of a mess they’ve created themselves. Just like a spoiled kid.

My impression of our officials now is spoiled kids, with money. What a shame. The adults, apparently, are not afraid of Karma. They always forget one of the sacred sacraments that is, do not do unto others what you wouldn’t want to be done to you.

Do you know that a person, who lies, doesn’t trust anyone? Because he/she believes that the people around him/her could also just be lying to him/her, thus, he/she couldn’t trust anyone. But let’s not point fingers as to who lies better or more often than anyone, everyone did it at least once in their life (whoever says they haven’t is already lying.)

“It doesn’t matter if you have lied before, as long as you won’t do it again,” is what my mother keeps reminding me and it always follow my promise, “yes, I swear I won’t do it again.”

One of our officials even said, “I am sorry,” but honestly, who needs it? If the deed is unimaginable, the magic word “sorry” does not apply. Nobody would forgive a person who, after all that has happened, did not change.

We just need the truth. It’s tiring to be running around in circles pretending to be a happy and contented little elf while you are blindfolded. For some, it’s hard to take that blindfold off when you can feel a gun pointed at your head.

We have the right to be informed. If it’s good news or bad news — hell, even if it’s the worst news, we would still want to hear it as long as it’s the truth, right? So let’s fight for it! Let’s not surrender this fight until there are no more answers that is replaced by beeping tone! We have to liberate our minds; this is an all out war! We have the RIGHT TO KNOW, RIGHT NOW!

***Only a few watches the news lately, sports and entertainment are probably the only reasons why it’s still airing on radios and televisions.

I found a website on the implementation of the Right to know, Right now campaign here in the Philippines and I’d just like to share it with you guys. (click here to access the blog I told you about.)

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