It’s teamwork! Duh?!

The exams are finally here! My first Midterm exam for my last first semester in the university?! Exactly!

The exam timetables have been made. My classmates are already prepared. Our first exam Tomorrow (August 13) is Web page Programming. I’m kinda excited. 🙂


I don’t really have good studying habits. I’m not really that bright either. I’m just average. 🙂

And it’s not really cheating … (are you guys taking me for a criminal? well, I am not!) I just happen to know who my true friends are … in times of DESPERATE NEEDS! 🙂 It’s called teamwork. 🙂

Okay, if you have been offended. Ask yourselves, haven’t you cheated on a exam once? If you have then by all means laugh with me… we share deep roots of camaraderie… If you haven’t… then, I’m sorry, you haven’t really lived yet. 🙂

2 thoughts on “It’s teamwork! Duh?!

    1. What did you state? the teamwork by students? I’m just stating the obvious in this blog post actually. When I posted this blog post, I was thinking of stating the obvious … and by obvious, I mean, EVERYONE knows it. 🙂 because, everyone has experienced that… and whoever hasn’t is either lying or hasn’t had a life. 🙂

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