You know you’re broke when…

Have you ever been broke? And bybroke, I mea n, out of money or doesn’t have enough money…  Well, I have. If you haven’t then… share your blessings…  But if you have, only you didn’t know you were at the moment, then this are some signs I compiled for you. If you can relate to any of these,  then most probably you have been broke at least once or thrice or.. in my case, many times!

  • You have to choose between walking home or air.
  • You pass by those food stands without looking at them (just pass)
  • You pass by those food stands and convince yourself that those are dirty and bad for your body.
  • You keep telling your friends during lunch that you’re on a diet.
  • Before or After school, you tell your friends that you’d rather walkthan face the traffic (or because it’s good for the body.. and the list of excuses goes on…)
  • you’re on a restaurant, you ask for the menu, and you look for the cheapest on the menu (If it’s not affordable, you fake an emergency call)
  • During lunch, you sleep.
  • You are a fan of McSaver’s meal (free advertisement for Mc Donalds?)
  • you keep finding change (barya) everywhere you go.
  • you are a fan of free-refills and bottomless drinks.
  • In the department store, you keep getting things from the “free sample” stand.
  • You’ve been to Bargain stores (wholesalers or retailers stores where you can actually ask the seller to lower the price.) to buy stuff.
*There are a lot of ways to know you’re broke. I have listed only those that I have encountered myself.
*I got the idea of this blog post in a radio program.

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