Old people? (my MRT tragedy with the oldsters!)

Monday is the busiest day of the week (and payday), everyone rushes to go to their offices in the morning. We encounter heavy traffic, running, bumping that sometimes leads to blood-spills.

Like so many other people in the Philippines, I am but a common commuter. Riding the LRT/MRT to go from a place to another. In occasions, I ride the bus (which I am now afraid of because of the constant involvement of them in accidents.)

Every weekday morning, I get up at 5a.m, take a shower, get dressed, prepare my lunch and then leave for work. That’s my routine. I then ride a jeepney to the nearest LRT station and ride from there to get to the MRT station. Now this is where it gets messy and serious.

The MRT station in the morning is the busiest Rail Transportation, especially during rush hour. Everyone is like an enemy. Everyone wants to get ahead of everyone because they want to get to work as early as possible (that includes me) or they’re probably already late.

Just this morning, I rode in the MRT station from Cubao Station (Like I do, religiously every day) and waited on the line like every one else to wait until the MRT trains arrive.

Now, in front of me, are two elderly women (Not too old but, aging), I didn’t mind waiting in the line behind them until the train arrived.

Like what happens every day, people rush to get inside the train (or push themselves in, is a better term for it.) Now, those old ladies in front of me, they don’t want to be bumped! They keep shouting at me, not to push them since there isn’t any space to fit ourselves in inside the train when I can clearly see that there is and it can fit at least 7 people more! GOD, I HATE THEM! I have to keep reminding myself that these are old people and maybe they just don’t want to get squished inside the train, and I have to respect them, I have to keep calm.

When the 3rd MRT train passed, I draw the line. I calmly told them that the first bus/train is the one for the elderly and that pushing each other to get ourselves inside the train is what we always do everyday. And this old lady sneeringly told me, “wala kang pake! Nakakalakad pa naman ako ng maayos kaya hindi pa ko ganun katanda. Pakialamerang bata to!” I retreated, I have to, but I told myself in a whispering voice, “sabihin mo yan sa wrinkles mo.”

I know I might have sounded mean, but please understand me, I am just trying to be a voice to those who do not want to speak that they too are irritated by those two women but are — instead of saying what they think, resorted to clicking their tongues and whispering their anger to the wind.

The 4th train has passed and the clock says 7:30 a.m. I have to be at work by 8 a.m so now, I’m in panic. And while I am in rage against those two OLD women in front of me, I told myself, “what else could go wrong?”, then, a lady with a kid lined in with us.

Now, this lady, when the 5th train arrived, pushed her kid inside which lead into a disaster since the kid cried and was suffocating inside a crowd of women and between those two OLD ladies (I was tempted to join the kid then.) The OLD ladies said something again (in parsel tongue, I think, since I only hear hissing coming out of their wrinkled mouths) which made everyone angry at the moment and then ULTIMATELY happy at the next.

Those OLD ladies apparently decided to go to the train for elderly and children, and thankfully, the lady with the kid joined them. It was a fiesta, all women that is in line with me clapped their hands (though I don’t know why) in happiness for their decision.

I boarded on the 6th train. I don’t need to push anyone since I am pushed inside by the ladies at my back. I had, from then, had a wonderful, safe trip to the office.

Guys, now please, Listen to my advice because, I learned this the hard way.

1. During rush hour, everybody wants to go to their destination as early as possible, in all ways possible that’s why you shouldn’t tell them to stop pushing!

2. If you do not want to be pushed, please transfer to a different commuting way. Either by bus, by a cab or by plane, I don’t care but stay away from the MRT and LRT trains

3. Do not leave your valuable things unattended. This is seen in a form of a sign everywhere. I just want to remind you that these are tough times and most people are in DESPERATE NEED!! (Hello, Philippine Government!)

4. The train station is the busiest and most crowded place during rush hour. That’s a no-brainer. So, don’t bring your kids along with you and expect that they’ll be most comfortable.

5. If you are OLD or if you have a kid with you. The 1st bus of the Train (the one where the driver is) is for elderly, pregnant women and children please do not go elsewhere. But if it can’t be helped, do not argue if you are in the all-women or the women-men area. Because, in that particular place, everyone’s equal.

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