I am a proud ’90s kid. Living now in 2011… I kinda miss the ’90s (I think, it’s waaaaaaaaaaaay better). For the ’90s kids, Let’s reminisce… Shall we?


When I was a kid, I use to like playing with this…

We have this in red.

The Super Nintendo  Entertainment System. If I remember correctly, we have this in red. We played with it until it was damaged and cannot be repaired anymore (that’s according to my relatives. But there was a time that I thought they just don’t want me to play with it anymore.) We play with this every after a tiring game of “habulan” or “patintero.”  When the most popular game that time with this is…

Level 1. (But of course, everyone knows that!)

Super Mario Bros. World. (And the crowd goes wild. SFX: cheering crowd.) Nobody can deny that Super Mario was an all time favorite. I remember the time that I cried when I keep passing my parents orders to anyone in our house because I’m still struggling on level 4. I keep shouting on the Television, “Mario, jump, NOW!” (Now, that I think about it, I have a question… Is mario stupid? because, he keeps on bumping and headbutting the bricks. *and on occasions, it breaks.) I guess what they said is real, it’s just a game.


As a kid… I remember this.

The Dragon Ball saga. From Z to GT. Who doesn’t know San Goku? And Vegeta? and Kririn?? (LOL.. Kririn…)

Ah… Ghost Fighter. “arigatou sa imasu!” when I hear those last lyrics of the opening song. I can’t help but sing along. (Have you ever wondered why Eugene and the others have only one shirt? I mean, it’s always the same!)


This is one of my most favorite part of the ’90s!


–> N’sync

the emerging of BOY BANDS! You can’t mistake it. The screaming girls, the visual kei boys that just melt the heart of girls and of course… the DANCE MOVES!! 🙂


I am proud to be a '90s kid.

The ’90s is the best generation. No matter what they say. Aside from the fact that this is MY generation. (subliminal message successfully added.)

To end this:

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