Still waiting Mr. President…

Leslie Janelis, a Filipina kid who saved the Philippine flag amidst the storm, the flood and knowing the possibility of a land slide.

“It was raining, raining, raining hard. It was falling on my head it was falling from the stars, it was falling from the sun, it was falling on my shoes…

These are lines taken from my most favorite (Well, most MEMORABLE is more appropriate) jazz chant.

It’s becoming so real for me lately. I always come to work drenched by the rain starting early July. Well, the early rains of July did not frighten me, but the rains that followed the first one… is now, scaring me.

The news is a big help during these times, but alas! not everyone has a t.v. set or a radio or for some, electricity. Not everyone has a mobile phone to get in touch with their well-off relatives who fortunately lives in high places where they wouldn’t recognize a flood when they see it.

The government, I think is doing the BEST they can (Although, that makes me think as well, “Is this really the BEST they can do?” surely, there has to be more.) Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m asking too much from our government. But isn’t this exactly why we, the people, are working? to give the government funds by our taxes, so that we don’t have to suffer skipping in puddles and going through floods?

I know, my dear readers, that you have read probably a thousand articles (probably more) that is of the same topic as I am. The same words and phrases and I know, that you must be tired reading these. But doesn’t that make you think? How many of us are complaining? Why is it the same?

There could only be one answer. It’s because, we don’t see any improvement at all. From the very first person who complained, up to me. We haven’t seen any improvement.

If I could talk with the President of the Philippines now, I’d tell him a lot. He’s probably heard half of it, of course, from so many others but I’d still tell him everything. The struggles of a youth in our country today, the working class, the women and the children. Our president is not an idiot. He knows what’s going on and he knows what we want.

I doubt he didn’t hear our complaints in the many rallies organized by the Filipino people. Oil-price hike, Contractualization, RH Bill… and so many more.

He promised a straight road for us during his inauguration. Well, I would like to tell you, Mr. President, I couldn’t see any roads at the moment only floods and hardworking underpaid workers who religiously goes to work, risking their lives, the life of their loved ones, and their future for coins.

Dear Mr. President,

I am nothing more than one of the many Filipinos who works hard under your government. You promised us change (like all of your predecessor and all of your subordinates in the government) but we are still having the same problems.

Your “No more wang-wang campaign” worked well, congratulations. But I do hope it won’t end there. Your campaign only proved that “we can,” but there’s still little proof that “YOU can.”

I hope your reading this Mr. President. I am nothing but a child under your government whose been a victim of your decisions. Ask for our help and we will (As long as it’s not corruption or torture or something that would make our lives even harder to bare with.) Listen to us, and we’ll listen to you. This is a give and take relationship… surely, you’ve heard of that.

Most sincerely,


“Leadership should be born out of the understanding of the needs of those who would be affected by it.”
Marian Anderson

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