The thing about abortion is…

I found this poster in another blog post.

“No woman has an abortion for fun. ”
Elizabeth Joan Smith 

As I was browsing for a “good-read” on the internet (in the office, of course, or what else will I do?) I came upon a very interesting article by Abhijit Naik on with a title “Reasons why abortion is wrong.”

At the end of his article, he left his readers a question, and it said, “if unwanted pregnancy is something that’s making the female opt for abortion, shouldn’t she own up to her mistake and raise the child, instead of being so cruel towards the unborn?” And I can answer that question for him. Being a 19 year old girl that I am.

I am not someone who pretends to “know-it-all,” I just tell people my opinion and what I know based on the 19 years that I have lived here on Earth in the wonderful country of the Philippines. I am also a catholic girl who just previously gone through high school and is currently a college student.

Most of my friends have kids now, babies I mean (I know it might be wrong for someone because of our age, but let’s just try to be happy for their life because they are in theirs okay?) and some of my friends have tried contraceptives, and to a few some, abortion.

I personally think…

If given the chance to choose between death and the life of the child, a parent would choose the one which they know would benefit the child. A mother’s instinct, is “Child’s First” above all (I don’t know about Dads but I think the same goes for them).

You see, it doesn’t matter if the parent starve to death as long as he/she keeps their children alive and well. That’s an unspoken rule of a parent, I guess. I’ve never been a parent yet, but I am a very keen observant.

The Right to Live

I believe the article said something about the “Right to live”. Now, let me tell you something about the right to live. The right to live, for a child, includes having a loving family, healthy food and water, clothes and a family that can support your education.

Now, to give you readers an example. If, for example, a 15 year old girl, while on her way home was raped, it would follow that she would hate the guy who raped her, she would be traumatized, she would hate herself, she would, in extension, though not intentionally, would hate the kid that she hasn’t seen yet.

If that girl asked you, “What should I do with this baby?” can you tell her to keep it, because that’s what’s “right?” or would you tell her to, “Okay, abort the baby, but don’t blame me if the society, including me, will condemn you to death for your sins! God will hate you, after you die, you will be thrown away in Hell.” or you would tell the girl, “If you want to keep the baby, you can do so. But if you can’t, abort it, that would be better than torturing yourself and the kid. Either way, I’m with you.”

Most likely, the girl would go with abortion. You know why? Because that is the only way she could “protect” the child. What if that baby was born and grew looking exactly like his/her father and the girl, the baby’s mother, would divert her anger from the father to her child and starts to hit them with whips? Who can blame her and tell it to her face that it’s wrong? Of course it’s wrong, it’s illegal, actually. But, who can blame her? She was a victim herself, after all.

And while we are all thinking of the rights of the unborn, who is thinking of the child? The mother? The “other” victim. Doesn’t she have a right as well? To make her own decisions and live the way she wanted to? Think about it.

Another, what if the unborn child was an “unexpected” one. By unexpected, I mean, the family is so poor they can’t afford a better condom or contraceptive or can’t afford any of those at all. As much as she would like to let the baby live, she still has 12 other hungry children mouths to feed. As much as she would like to keep the baby alive, she is hindered by the fact that she lives with her husband near the dumpster in a house made of sticks and woven sacks along with their 12 other children (I consider myself sometimes as an extremist for thinking that there are people who live this way, but if you really think about it, it’s actually not an understatement anymore.)

My conclusion and answer…

So you see, sometimes, it just can’t be helped. No mother would choose for her child to die otherwise. Abortion is wrong if it’s abused (everything that is abused is wrong). Besides, it’s happening all around us, every minute, every second (even as I type this blog post) someone is having an abortion. The least we can do is welcome them back to society and, if possible help them cope (for the victims) or help them get by (for the poor). If you can’t do any of that, just shut up and don’t argue. They’re living, breathing human beings like you and have the same right as you have as a person.

Before I end this blog post, I’ll leave you with these words.

  1. Did you know: That some moms are crying while hitting their kid? Not because they can feel the pain when they use their hand to slap the kid, but it’s also because they are contradicting themselves. As much as they wouldn’t want to hurt their kid, they couldn’t help it
  2. Did you know that Abortion, according to women who have actually done it, is the same as giving birth. Nothing is certain, they can die while having an abortion. They’d rather risk themselves having an abortion than risk the life of the unborn child and then question about her sanity later.
  3. As I have said, in my previous blog post (about the LGBT) ACCEPTANCE is what they, the person aborts, need. They need to be given the chance to choose what kind of life they want to lead.
  4. Think first before you speak (I’ve learned that the hard way), ask yourself, “What if it happens to me?” Remember, in life, nothing is certain.
  5. I have also thought about the rich people, why are they having an abortion if they can give a life a chance? And I came to an “almost” answer (because, I’m not entirely sure), and here it is. “They just can’t take the responsibility just yet,” (If any rich woman/man who would like to react, please feel free to do so, as I have said, this is just my opinion, I could be wrong.)
  6. Okay, this is the last and I’d like to address this to Mr. Naik (The author of the blog that I enjoyed reading so much and to whom I’ve decided to dedicate this blog post to.) Mr. Naik, I’d like to tell you (though this is probably pretty obvious by now.) For your question/statement, “shouldn’t she own up to her mistake,” this is not just the girl/woman/lady’s fault/mistake for getting pregnant. Haven’t you heard? a woman’s egg cell needs a man’s sperm cell to fertilize.

**As they say“It takes two to tango.” 🙂 And, If the girl ever had a mistake here, in this situation, it would be that she trusted/loved a guy too much or, If not those two, then I’m afraid it’s the guy’s fault for forcing himself on her.

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