Build a bridge… and GET OVER IT!

This picture is an example of a product of Same-Sex marriage.This picture was posted on TUMBLR. no copyright intended.

Well, the title alone can speak for itself. I have once again read a very interesting article. This time, I’ve read about the LGBT community here in the Philippines, LGBT by the way means Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders so by the name itself, you already have an idea what kind of group this is.

I am PRO-LGBTs simply because I have lots of friends that are that way. I just read a tweet via Kara David (a reporter from GMA7) that talked about how same sex marriage is man’s law not God’s law. It talked about righteousness and morality, I mean seriously, who has the right to talk about righteousness when we are all sinners, and once again I have to ask this question to myself… Doesn’t anyone read the bible?. People are saying that according to the bible God created Men so he could look over everything God has created and when God saw that the Man was bored being alone he created a Woman and the rest is History. End of Story. Goodbye… NO! I won’t buy that.

My Gay and Lesbian friends are AWESOME! and I think they deserve a place in this world. Like us, God made them, because if not who else did? Like us, God intended for them to be here, because if not why did they live? The bottom line is, they’re just as human as we are which is sometimes more of an insult for them because we treat them indifferently, like they carry some kind of an incurable disease… and nobody… not even you would want to be treated that way.

GOD LOVES US, looks at us equally and thinks of us as his Children, growing up, I held on to that idea… That’s all I know and that’s all I needed to know. My question is… Why are some people so repulsed at the idea of Same-Sex marriage, saying that same-sex marriage is immoral and unapproved by God… Well, are you Talking to God? is he replying to you? Is he saying that Gays should live like Guys and Lesbians should live like Girls? so what did God tell you about the World? are we going to freeze on 2012 and die? Seriously.

God loves me to bits and I do not know how big his love is for me, but according to the bible, he forgave all of my sins… and even if I do the worst crime there is on earth, yes, he will punish me via KARMA but he’ll forgive me, he’ll give me a chance in life to forgive myself as well.

To end this blog, I’ll leave you guys with a few advice:

1. Don’t Judge people, you don’t know what life they’ve led up until now.

2.Acceptance, everybody wants that and everybody deserves that… and we, as mere creations of God do not have the right to say no to people who ask this of us… because… if you think about it, we are just different people who have only 1 God as a common denominator.

3. Always remember and never forget… GOD LOVES US ALL. **whether you’re such a spoiled brat who believes you know what God likes and dislikes or someone who would just stay in a corner and not bother to get involved when deep inside you have so many things to say.

4. Last but certainly not the least, for the LGBT’s, it will take time before some people would get used to the idea of accepting your lot… but be patient and understand… After all, even with Dinosaur bones some people still doesn’t believe of their existence up until now… 🙂 CHEER UP! there’s a lot of us out there who believes in you..

***I only know 3 prayers that was taken from the bible and know it by heart. That is, Our father, Hail Mary! and Glory be… I live my life bound by those prayers.

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